A global approach, a collaborative work and a user-centered design.

Founded in 2004, Haus is a multidisciplinary graphic design studio based in Montreal. We work in the design and creation of visual identities, print communications projects, web, publishing, and interactive design.

Stéphan Lorti, founding member, acts as both manager and graphic designer. He oversees the work of editors, illustrators, photographers and programmers who are called upon to collaborate on the various projects entrusted to the studio.

Trained in graphic design at UQAM, he worked as a graphic designer, principal designer, then artistic director in several major Montreal agencies before founding his own studio.

Graphic Design

Design and communication strategy go hand in hand. When a company’s goals are well defined, they become the anchor that will serve as the basis for developing visual propositions. Our job is to find the right graphics solution for the company and its market.


Brand image is the public perception of a product or services offered by a company. It consists of a multitude of elements that form its visual identity. Our main role is therefore to harmonize these two perceptions by modifying or adapting the visual identity to change the public’s perception of the product or company. If the image we want to project is well defined, the visual identity can then express graphically the identity of the company, its values, its activities and its ambitions.


Whether selling a product or raising public awareness of a humanitarian cause, the goal remains the same: to ensure that the product meets the market and reaches its target.

Interactive media

Haus design designs, manufactures and animates interactive and multimedia content. Whether it’s traditional media or new media, the goal is the same: to ensure that the product meets the market and seduces consumers. The main activity at the time of visiting a website is reading. Internet is not so different from other means of communication. A simple and clear interface will be much more likely to seduce the user and transmit your message.


Micro-publishing and hypermedia are becoming more and more important in a company’s communications. Presentation materials, adding content and updating websites, and sending news releases now make up the bulk of what will be produced in graphic communications. We integrate this aspect into our creative approach by offering, for example, preformatted Microsoft Word and Powerpoint databases that ensure continuity of style with what we have produced. We provide you with the tools to carry out your projects internally. We can also produce user guides for the micro edition or for the sites we design. In the end, the overall image of the company is better.

Our approach

We develop concepts of communication that express above all the personality and values ​​of the organization or company with which we work. We avoid recipes or impose a Haus Design style. Each mandate is different and requires a personalized approach.

The creative process starts with a good understanding of the mandate.

Collection of information on the history of the company, its activities, its organization, its current position and the market in which it operates.

When we have acquired all these data, we can begin to define and guide the creation by establishing the communication objectives.

The creative phase commits itself on the basis of the information gathered during the research and analysis of the project and on the basis of the objectives stated by the company.

We apply this approach to all our projects, be it the creation of a youth album or the production of an annual report.